Write the books you want to read, compose the music you want to hear, and build the tools you want to use. That’s exactly what the founders of Clammr, a social audio app start-up, are doing.  Parviz Parvizi joins us from the Clammr team.

After consulting at McKinsey, shaping coffee policy with the Tanzanian government, and selling ski hats in law school, Parviz shares his adventure of building a product he and his partners found themselves wishing they had throughout their own daily routines. No matter what part of the globe his work has taken him, we learn that success and opportunity always come down to one fundamental, human thing…

Clammr Co-Founders: Oren Goldfinger, Ken Ito, David Silverman, and Parviz Parvizi

Host: Katya Margolin, Content Creator & Multimedia Storyteller


Guest: Parviz Parvizi, Co-Founder of Clammr


Music Credits:

“Aquemini,” Outkast

“Ghostwriter,” RJD2