Venture Café Thursdays

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Venture Café Thursdays in Cambridge

 The weekly Venture Café serves as a physical nexus for helping innovators and entrepreneurs find one another and collaborate to bring their dreams to reality.   These Thursday evening gatherings provide a space for conversations and scheduled programs to inspire a wide range of attendees from around the world to connect.

Female Founders PhotoEven in this digital world, it’s important to have a physical space. Shared physical spaces provide common meeting ground and a forum for semi-serendipitous encounters that often foster brainstorming and drive creativity. Meeting in person establishes the trust that’s so crucial to working together, particularly on risky, underfunded projects. The Venture Café can provide the framework upon which numerous experimental “applications” can be nurtured and launched.  Entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, developers, designers and other members of the Boston startup community drop in to chat about what they’re working on.

The Venture Café is held every Thursday on the 5th floor of the Cambridge Innovation Center at One Broadway in Kendall Square from 3 to 8 PM.   See our Calendar page to see the event details.  

Attendees are asked to act in line with our Community Credo / Guidelines.  

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 Our impact on the innovation community can been measured based on the number of returning participants and events.  Over the last few years we have hosted:

290+ Thursday Sessions from 2010 to date.  Which include:

  • 1750+ events
  • 800+ free office hour sessions (mostly with a variety of professionals, including VCs & Angels)
  • 425+ info tables
  • 500+ talks providing assistance and advice for startups
  • 700+ events with venture capitalists, angel investors, and accelerators

The Thursday Sessions during 2015 include:

  • 600+ events
  • 325+ free office hour sessions (mostly with a variety of professionals, including VCs & Angels)
  • 150+ info tables
  • 117 talks providing assistance and advice for startups

The Café is open to all members of the innovation community for up to three visits.  Stop by to try it out. No RSVP needed. We are looking forward to meeting you.  After three visits, you must be approved as a Contributor in order to continue to attend the Café.  Applying to be a Contributor is a simple process of describing how you will contribute, providing your LinkedIn profile and listing 1 to 3 references.  You will then be notified if you are approved as a Community Contributor.

Female Founders Photo4Venture Café from its very beginnings has welcomed participants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, military service, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or disability. Venture Café reserves the right to refuse admission at our discretion.

Contact us about organizing an event, info table or office hours.   For all other questions, contact us at

Affiliates: Visiting privileges will be extended to members of select innovation-focused partner organizations while they remain in good standing with their respective organization C3, CIC, Converge, Critical Mass, Greentown Labs, Mass Challenge (finalists and mentors), TechStars etc). Affiliate codes are available at the sign-in kiosk.

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While we don’t think tweeting all night is a good use of your Venture Café time, it might help to “pay it forward” at the end of your visit or the next morning, after time has filtered the good stuff to the top.

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