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Community Credo / Guidelines

Venture Café Thursday Night Gathering 

Venture Café’s weekly Thursday gathering is a private event for  the entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative communities of Greater Boston. The objective of Venture Café’s Thursday night gathering is to connect people who are committed to helping entrepreneurs and innovators start and grow companies and programs.  This gathering supports the Venture Café’s mission to connect communities of innovation, expand the definition of innovation and entrepreneurship, and build a more inclusive innovation economy.

Venture Café’ is open to any innovation community player to try for up to three visits.  In order to continue attending, visitor will need to complete a Contributor application form and then be approved as a Venture Café community Contributor.

Café-goers are expected to participate in a manner consistent with the Café’s Credo, described below.

Venture Cafe Participation Guidelines / Credo:

– Make yourself comfortable. Our open, friendly vibe emanates from its patrons.

– Contribute in a positive way that is valued by other attendees. Respect the social norms of conversation and engagement, respecting others’ desire to interact, or not interact, based on the context of the situation. Be honest and straightforward in all dealings.

– Become an active participant in our experiment. We constantly try new things to improve your interactive experience in this unique space. Provide constructive feedback and share your ideas.

– Ask yourself, “How can I help?” Your help may present in the form of sharing your own experiences, learning about another guest’s project and asking questions, or facilitating connections within your network. In a phrase, “pay it forward”.

– Become a regular.  Spread the word. We’re only as good as our participants. If you know people who should visit the café, invite them as your guest. We encourage casual meetings in the café – recognized events are scheduled through our Events Coordinator.

– We are not a venue for hard selling. It’s okay to say what you do, but don’t sell. Initiate and cultivate meaningful connections rather than selling your service or product.  Save the selling to discussions outside of the Café night.

– Connect responsibly. Venture Café is a community gathering, not a bar.  Please abide by the gathering’s posted guidelines.  When possible, reuse cups and help us keep our space clean by throwing away trash and wiping up spills.

– Diversity.  We welcome participants without regard to race, color, gender, sex, religion, national origin, age, military service, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or disability. Please respect everyone’s background.

– Consider joining our volunteer team. We’re an expanding organization and contributing your skills and your time is a surefire way to make the Café what you want it to become.  Share the love with a little creativity and collaboration!

To support the Venture Café’s mission to enable fresh and useful conversations and to act as a community hub, Venture Café reserves the right to dis-invite any individual that its management feels, in their sole judgment, detracts from achieving its mission or infringes on the Café’s credo.

We see this as a living document and welcome comments on this, our expression of the Venture Café philosophy.

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