Contributor Criteria

Our goal is to start with a modest-sized Contributor group and grow from there. We have a limited ability to absorb and support new Contributors, and we will do so in a measured way. We will re-review un-approved Contributor applications as space and organizational capacity permit. In addition, would-be contributors who are not approved in their first application are welcome to reapply annually.

Contributor criteria:

An application policy review board has been established, including the Executive Director, Chairman, Penultimate Executive Director, Chief Constable, and Membership Committee Chair. This board will determine and update application and membership guidelines as necessary, as well as establishing a monthly quota for new Contributor approvals.


Contributor applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: the individual’s professional curriculum vitae as it relates to activity in the innovation community, the strength of the references provided as well as the credibility of the same, their essay responses, their observed contributions and behavior as guest attendees of the Venture Café relative to the standards set in the Venture Café credo and any other pertinent information available to us. The overall goal is to select those individuals, amongst those who apply, with the greatest ability to help others make an impact on the world through their innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Community Breakdown:

Guests: Open to all members of the innovation community for up to three visits.
Affiliates: Visiting privileges will be extended to members of select innovation-focused partner organizations while they remain in good standing with their respective organization: C3, CIC, CommonAngels, Greentown Labs, Mass Challenge (finalists and mentors), TechStars etc. Please indicate your Affiliate code upon signing in at our kiosks.
Contributors: After three visits, individuals must be approved as Contributors in order to attend the Café. Note: Applicants must also provide up to three references (these may be Venture Café Volunteers or well-known members of the innovation community).

Venture Café from its very beginnings has welcomed participants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, military service, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or disability. Venture Café reserves the right to refuse admission at our discretion.

Apply here or read the announcement.

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